There are three variations of this poster.  One, which Michael had with him at the show, is on very thin, fax-like paper.  20 of these were printed, and they are signed and numbered out of 20.  It is very difficult to see the numbering, as it is in the dark area below and to the right of the "5" in "1995".  This is the only variation that does not have "M. Everett" below (and slightly to the right of) the lower frog's left leg.

Another variation is printed on thick card stock.  This variation is not numbered.

The third variation is the most common, and it is printed on the same medium stock as most of Michael's posters.  These are not numbered.

According to Michael, the total number of 1995 Shoreline posters that were printed is no more than 125.

Although rare, smaller handbills also exist, and are printed on the same heavy card stock as the aforementioned second variation.




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