We have items up on eBay as well as the stuff you will find here on the web page. We spend a lot of time hunting down collections for acquisition, so if you have some posters or handbills from sixties concerts please let us know and we will discuss a possible purchase. We get new stuff all the time so check back often. We try our best to keep the website up to date but if it's here it might be gone and if it's not here we might have it anyway.

Not too many rules here, so if you have questions about condition, shipping, quantity discounts or other stuff please email. Most of the stuff is near mint at least. If it is other than that we will let you know and it will be priced accordingly. We are beginning to add a button to some of the items so that you can purchase directly from the item pages. You will be taken to a shopping cart page on Paypal.com. If you are already registered at Paypal you can simply complete the purchase on that page. If you are not already registered on Paypal you will have to complete their registration process before you can complete a purchase. I did find that if you go to the checkout page on Paypal and then hit your Back button the cart adds another item. At least it did it when I was playing around with it. So, be careful and check your order before you finish the purchase process. Make sure you are ordering the quantities of each item that you want. If you have any problems or questions just send me an email. I'll be adding more and more direct purchase items as time and energy permit.

Regarding the purchase of posters directly from these pages....

1. All purchases will be processed directly through Paypal.Com. If you are not registered at Paypal you will have to complete the registration process before you can finalize your purchase.

2. All items designated with an "Add To Cart" button may be purchased immediately.

3. All purchases are inclusive of shipping and insurance. We cover the costs to get them safely to your door. This applies to shipments in the US only. Buyers outside the US should inquire by email prior to purchase. Insurance, duty and other costs are the responsibility of the buyer in these cases.

4. Please check your shopping cart before finalizing your purchase. Be sure the quantities are correct for all items.

5. If you have any questions please send an email via the link at the bottom of this page.

6. If you want to purchase any items on any of these pages and would prefer to pay via check or money order just send an email and I'll verify availability and price. Purchases done by check or money order may have the cost of shipping added.

If you want to call us before you purchase just to check things out our toll free number is 1-800-575-1967

If you have concert posters for sale, please call us and allow us the opportunity to make an offer.

There are a couple websites you should check out, one is Eric King’s website. He lists all the corrections to his Guide to Poster Collecting. Eric is a gentleman and a scholar who has put an enormous amount of energy into developing a guide to the various printings of the Family Dog, Fillmore and Grande Ballroom stuff. Although not everybody on the planet agrees with his conclusions or his system he certainly brings some order to the chaos for those that need it. I know he knows a bunch more than I do about this stuff. I usually keep a few extra copies of his book around so if you want one let me know. Eric sells them directly and it doesn’t matter to me if you get one from me or from him. To check out Eric’s site go here.





To purchase a copy of Eric's Guide for $100 plus $5 for book rate shipping in the US using Paypal Click the button---> 

$105 Eric King Guide
Including Shipping
Includes Vulcan Gas/Texas


There is also a website for The Rock Poster Society. It is a pretty small organization right now, but growing all the time. They’ve been holding a couple poster swap meets a year out in San Francisco. Well worth the trip if the plane fares stay low. Here’s the TRPS website. Join TRPS and help promote the growth of rock poster collecting!


An important note on the images on these pages: All of these images are digital scans/photographs of actual items owned by SixtiesPosters, Inc. Purchase of any items from these pages does not give the purchaser the right to sell or license the images.


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